Can we use the kitchen in the bungalow?

As a rule, we allow use of the kitchen only for emergency purposes. Food arrangements are separately handled by the caretaker You are welcome to use the refrigerator. For requirements like milk/tea for children you can inform the caretaker accordingly.

How is the network connectivity?

Unfortunately except for Idea, other networks have poor connectivity. BSNL may work at times.

Is safe parking facility available?

Yes, you can park your vehicle(s) safely inside the gated plot.

Is hot water available for bathing?

Yes, that is a necessity! There are 25 liter storage electric geysers in both cottages. In sync with the natural theme, we have installed a wood boiler in the bungalow. For the bungalow, one will need to inform the caretaker in advance so that he can start the wood boiler.

Is proper drinking water available?

Filtered water (Aquaguard UV filter) is available. In addition, we give you 5 bottles (2 bottles for cottages) every day. If you do not want to take risks (especially for children), bottled water can also be purchased from the caretaker or nearby hotels.

Is the place isolated/desolate? Are there people/houses nearby? Is there proper hygiene?

By no means is our place desolate like lots of other farmhouses. It is just off the main road, there are other bungalows nearby, caretaker stays on premises, bus-stop/rickshaw-stand/hotels/shops/ATM are 3 mins walk away. There is a hospital in Borli for minor problems. It’s safe for seniors and children. Our caretaker ensures that the place remains spotless clean and extremely hygienic.

Is there any provision of vegetarian/non-vegetarian food?

Yes. There are two options:
a) Home cooked food by the caretaker who¬† is 24×7 on-premises. We will give you the caretaker’s no after payment so that you can discuss the options and the rates with him before-hand. We hold an FSSAI license so you can be assured that the food is hygienically cooked.\
b) Hotels across the road: There are 3 hotels just 2 mins away. If required, the caretaker can get the food for you for a nominal delivery charge.

Option (a) is cheaper, option (b) is flexible. Please note that food is @ actuals and the tariff covers only accommodation charges.

Are the bungalow and cottages nearby?

Yes, both buildings are in the same plot along with a third building for the caretaker. Although the buildings are on the same plot, they are on two corners of the plot so that privacy is maintained but not too far so that it is possible for a large group to stay partly in the bungalow and partly in the cottages.

Is there an inverter backup? How long does it last?

For the bungalow, the inverter can support 3 tubes and 3 fans for 4+ hours. For the cottages, the inverter can support 2 tubes and 2 fans for 3+ hours. However, please note that if there is a power breakdown lasting more than the max. hours, even the inverter will not work. The A/Cs are not supported by the inverter.The A/Cs are also fitted with booster stabilizers so that they continue to function during low voltages.

How big is the farm in terms of plantation?

The plot is around 12 gunthas and lush with mango, coconut, banana and other trees. So it’s not huge but good enough to relax!

Is there a view of sea from the farmhouse?

Yes. There is a “Machaan” type gallery built on top of the other building that has parking @ bottom, caretaker’s room and the Machaan on the top. You can see the hill on one side and the Borli beach sea on the other.
You can also view the sea from the terrace above the cottages.

Is there provision for A/C?

For the bungalow, A/Cs are installed in both bedrooms. A/C charges will be over and above the accommodation charges.
For the cottages, A/C are not yet installed and should be available soon.

What are the nearby places to visit during our stay?

North side:

  • Alibag Beach 23 kms
  • Kulaba Fort 24 kms
  • Kankeshwar Temple 36 kms
  • Datta Temple, Chaul 11kms
  • Shitaladevi Temple, Chaul 12 kms
  • Rameshwar Temple, Chaul 9 kms
  • Revdanda beach 7 kms
  • Birla Ganesh Temple, Salav 7 kms
  • Korlai Fort 3 kms

South side:

  • Kashid beach 10 kms
  • Siddhivinayak Temple, Nandgaon 20 kms
  • Phansad Dam 4 kms
  • Phansad Sanctuary 28 kms
  • Nawab Palace, Murud 26 kms
  • Murud beach 27 kms
  • Janjira fort 31 kms

What are the checkin/checkout timings?

Check-in is at 1 PM and check-out at 11 AM. We follow a flexible check-in/out policy except for peak seasons.

Where exactly is the farmhouse located? What are the nearby beaches?

Our property is between three beaches. The nearest beach (the one you see in some photos) is the Borli beach. Kashid beach is 8 kms (10-12 mins drive) and Korlai beach is 3 kms on the other side. Although Borli beach is a 10 mins walk, but not recommended since it’s not clean. Kashid and Korlai beach are better options. Kashid is the famous one, typically crowded and has water sports. Korlai is a relatively secluded and peaceful beach good for treks and getting away from the crowd. Murud beach, Nagaon temple, Alibaug (and it’s beaches), Birla Mandir are some of other nearby attractions.

Is the property suitable for children? for elderly people or people with disabilities? for pets?

Children can enjoy on the hammocks, swings, wave slide and shower pad and a big garden.
The property is comfortable for elderly people since all buildings are on the first floor and the seatings are at low heights. However, please note that the property is not wheel-chair friendly i.e. there are no inclines for wheel-chairs. Again, this is not a big problem since all properties are on the first floor.
For pets (dogs/cats), there is a big garden to frolic around. We personally love pets and do not have any problem as long as they do not litter the place. For cats, you need to keep a watch so that they do not get lost.
You can also check the guest reviews to confirm the above.