Pre Travel Update

Here are some updates that may help in planning your trip:

Numbers to keep handy:

  1. Caretaker Kumrothkar: 9921776319
  2. Gadkari (Pune): 9011025088, 9822021346

Network connectivity: Except for Idea, other networks have poor connectivity. BSNL may work at times.


  1. During the summer there are frequent electricity breakdowns and water shortages. As noted in the receipt, the inverter backup lasts only 3 hours. So please use electricity and water judiciously to avoid inconvenience.
  2. Cracks have been spotted on the Salav-Revdanda bridge and heavy traffic has been stopped. Please be extremely careful while crossing.
  3. The roads till Alibaug are OK but the condition deteriorates rapidly after Alibaug. Please keep this in mind while planning and driving.
  4. Traffic near Nagaon is being diverted as a result of road construction. Please follow the boards suggesting a detour so that you do not have to travel through congested roads.
  5. If you want to halt for breakfast in between, Suruchi hotel in Alibaug is a good option. There are some good eateries (specifically wada-pav) near Vadkhal.
  6. If you want to buy Konkani stuff (papads, masala etc..), keep an eye out for boards that sell these after you cross Pen. The white sweet onions available at Vadkhal are good and also known for medicinal benefits.
  7. You may want to pre-plan your outings by referring to our site “Places to visit” and the helpful map. The map shows sites to visit along with approx. distances from the farmhouse. Alternatively, you can refer to the map hung on a board once you reach the farm house.
  8. Last but not the least, please check out the “Welcome Guide” for numbers, directions, maps and other helpful information.